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Turf Bartender 2023 - Keenan.JPG
Turf Bartender 2023 - Keenan.JPG
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In the leisure business, expectations are great, continuity is key, and the right management is critical. Many members of our management team have been with our organization in excess of 15 to 20 years and have worked together successfully on a variety of acquisitions and management opportunities. They are experts at the critical behind-the-scenes proficiencies regarding hotel operations, golf operations, food and beverage, financial management and budgets, human resources, agronomy and maintenance, group sales and marketing, legal agreements, and the creation and management of master associations.



Our Customer

Always has and always will be our focal point


Our Promise

Provide lasting memories with all our focus, passion, and heart


Our Values

Provide an experience with all interactions. Customers come first. Treat each other like family. Strive for excellence


Our Vision

Ownership: Of actions, departments, and team leaders. Quality:Excellence in resort entertainment. Service: Deliver an exceptional customer experience. Partnership: We cultivate team member engagement and satisfaction.Community: To connect, participate, and support local charities and businesses.Financial Success: To maintain costs, provide capital, and achieve long term success.


Our Mission

To provide lasting memories, resulting in enduring customer loyalty.

Wisconsin Management Company - Geneva National Resorts + Hotels


Support your investment strategy. Maximize Revenue. Train our employees to exceed the guest expectations…it is what Paloma is all about. Our operational services are shared and replicated across properties – from friendly front desk demeanors to precise revenue management, meticulous housekeeping, systematic maintenance and a complete understanding of the food and beverage business.


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